Poor Man's Silver is a decorative typeface, designed for a handmade type project. The typeface was created from aluminum foil, which had been crumpled and then carefully stacked. The layering effect of a simple, household material creates a unique texture, which is the typeface's most outstanding feature. The texture gives the typeface a shiny and sparkly characteristic. 
Both bold and bright, Poor Man's Silver is a slab serif, display typeface. The typeface's characteristics include thick horizontal and vertical strokes, large counters, and thin serifs. The typeface is an excellent choice for large headlines and displays, as it is an eye-catching and distinctive typeface.

This invitation for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration showcases Poor Man's Silver as the headlining font. The original typeface is used in both large and small sizes, showing off it's beautiful texture. Proxima Nova is the font of choice for all other text, as it perfectly accents and pairs with Poor Man's Silver.  

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