The goal of this project was to create key art and an animation for a movie of my choice. I chose to design for the  movie Inception. The final design was heavily influenced by aspects of the movie. As the movie is about invading the dream state and exploring the boundaries between dreams and reality, the key art shows a man falling, seemingly from reality to a dream. The background lends further to that idea with organic, curving stripes that not only draw your eye down the poster. 
On screens, this aspect of the key art might read as a glitch, which could make the viewer question if what they are seeing is real or not. The type was designed with the same concept in mind, as pieces of the type shatter off and fall down the key art. I additionally designed the key art for five different specific multi-channel experiences. 
The second part of this project was to create the motion title for Inception based off of my key art design. More than 40 hours went into creating this animation, which features quick, sharp movements to mimic the fast-paced, intense tone of the movie. 

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