In a partnership between Enticers and the well-known brand KONG, I designed three different packaging elements for this partnership. I initially designed packaging for three different-flavored Enticers Teeth Cleaning Gel 1oz tubes. Then, I designed a blister package in which the KONG Dental Ball and the Enticers Teeth Cleaning Gel are sold together. Lastly, I designed the variety pack shown below in which these tubes are separately sold from the main product they are sold in. The process was lengthy and went through many revisions from both my internal team and the KONG team. The finalized products are now sold in PetSmart and various other smaller pet stores. 
I worked on this packaging from beginning to completion, with support from the design team I was on. 
The branding had already been established, so I worked with the different design elements, playing with shapes, size, color, and various arrangements of type. The challenge was to include all the necessary information while balancing each brand's design elements to appropriately display the partnership of products. It was one of the more challenging projects I'd worked on to date but was very rewarding to come to a final result that met the need, was cohesive with the brands, and looked incredible!
Above is a print advertisement designed to showcase the brand collaboration of the two products!
PROCESS: The images below were just part of the process developing the Enticers 1oz tubes variety pack and the blister package, showcasing just how many edits, revisions, and concepts I explored. 

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