Enticers is a brand for dental care products for dogs and cats. The brand was designed from start to finish with the in-house design team that I was on. I participated in creating original concepts based from moodboards, and then continued to help design the brand throughout the whole process. All work shown was designed directly by myself, with the help of others credited when appropriate. 
First up is the digital marketing collateral that I designed for this brand! Most images you see were created for websites on which Enticers' products are sold, such as Amazon and PetSmart. The images were multifunctional in use, as select ones were additionally used for social media, being displayed on Instagram. The goal was to showcase the brand's best qualities.
There were four main flavors: Smoked Beef Brisket Flavor, Hickory Smoked Bacon Flavor, Honey Marinated Chicken Flavor, and Peanut Butter & Honey Flavor. Each flavor had an image designed for it to represent the flavor.
Two of these images needed to be photoshopped to make the background more minimal, allowing the subject to stand out. Below, you can see the "before" images on the left and the "after" images on the right. In both images, elements of the background were removed. 
Below are more images representing different aspects of the brand, also designed for online marketing. 
As stated above, select images were additionally used on social media. The phone screens below show select images above displayed on the brand's Instagram page (these screenshots taken directly from Instagram).
The second part of this page shows the print advertisements I created while working on this brand. 

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