For my senior capstone, I wanted to work on a project that I was passionate about and create something that could make a real impact in the world. Having recently become aware of the pandemic of human trafficking, I chose to create a brand awareness campaign, website, and app to help put an end to the modern day slavery that human trafficking is. 
My social media brand awareness campaign features educational posts as well as informational posts on the Lumia brand and how to download the app and get involved. The bold, shining type and icons are designed to emphasize the shedding light aspect of the campaign. The gradients of one color to the next and the images combined together provide graphic visuals that are memorable, unique, and relevant to the idea of bringing change. 
The app is designed to be the focal point of the campaign. This is where users can take surveys as well as report suspected instances of human trafficking, donate to local causes fighting human trafficking, volunteer their time and resources, and understand their impact on putting an end to the pandemic of modern slavery. The survey provides an easy way for users to answer simple questions to complete a survey which will then be sent to qualified professionals. These professionals will be able to make the calls and get the appropriate law enforcement involved as needed, taking the pressure off the average individual while still allowing them the opportunity to help stop human trafficking. 
The website serves as a landing page for the campaign, where users can find more information about human trafficking, Lumia the app, and their potential impact. 
Below is are some captures of my process for this year-long project to produce my thesis.

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